The Assessment Register

Accreditation & Certification

All Levels of Conformity Assessment

We understand the importance of conformity assessment infrastructure and trading with recognised Standards. The Assessment Register ensures effective certification for industry and commerce – underpinning product compliance and consumer protection - enhancing harmonised Standards and removing technical barriers to trade for the free movement of goods and services.

The Assessment Register provide “expert” management and technical expertise to: test and calibration laboratories (ISO 17025 and or Nadcap), accredited certification bodies (ISO 17021), inspection bodies (ISO 17020) and product certification (ISO 17065 for CE and or UKCA); all to ensure continued compliance and recognition against national institutional accreditation.

Internationally, The Assessment Register will also provide technical support and market surveillance advice to Government institutions - ensuring national conformity assessment policy is in tune with local SME business needs for their respective target market - to include legal metrology obligations, product safety and consumer protection - all in support of socio-economic improvement through trade facilitation.

From aerospace and automotive, through to agriculture, textiles and food - trade facilitation through MSTQ compliance is our business.

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