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AS 9100 Training Service

Want to know more than your Certification Body - Aerospace Experienced Auditor (AEA)? Then, we're all you need.

An Excellent Opportunity to Attend our 4 x Session AS 9100 & ISO 9001 Training Programme. Designed and delivered by true aerospace business practitioners, to include the new AS 9100 scheme requirements. We cover Internal Quality System Audit methodologies and best practice (plus of course, the AS 9120 and AS 9110 requirements).

Click the "turbine image" and listen to our free to listen AS 9100 podcasts. The podcast will explain all you need to know about attending our remote training programme. .

We describe the 4 x Sessions, expertly designed to ensure your compliance, as follows:

1. AS 9100 / AS 9120 / AS 9110 Standards Awareness & Implementation

2. AS 9100 / AS 9120 / AS 9110 The New Management & Technical Areas for Discussion

3. AS 9100 / ISO 9001 Internal Audit Methodology & New IAQG Scheme Reporting

4. AS 9100 / ISO 9001 Case Studies & Workshops

Our team of aerospace and defence consultant engineers provide concise expertise against quality management system requirements, such as the IAQG scheme for AS 9100 and also Nadcap test and calibration requirements.

AS 9100 Awareness - We design and deliver aerospace and defence engineering Standards training on behalf of accredited certification bodies, aerospace institutions and the private sector. Delivering management and technical services for over 30 years - practically explaining the Standard requirements, including the creation of PEAR's, how to mitigate counterfeit items, ensuring supply chain integrity, through to reviewing technical customer contracts.

For AS 9100 management and technical support email:

The IAQG family of Standards for quality management are used to underscore supply chain integrity worldwide.

The implementation and formal certification against AS 9100 will result in improved quality performance. Although, the latter is only achieved by management commitment and effective internal system auditing** and good manufacturing practice.

While primarily developed for the aviation, space and defence sectors, the AS 9100 practices can also be adopted into other industries where additional quality management is required over ISO 9001.

**Note: Internal auditing is key to both compliance with AS 9100 and business performance improvement. Remember third party "Certification Bodies" when auditing your organisation CANNOT provide consultancy or advice (as per their accreditation under ISO 17021-1 clause 5.2.5). Moreover, certification body auditors are not themselves "business experts", but "quality experts" looking to confirm compliance against AS 9100.

Testing & Calibration

With a proven track record of successful AS 9100 system development for our clients. We also support a range of other precision engineering, calibration, metallurgy, research and science projects to ensure contract and legal product compliance.

Our qualified team of business professionals all originate from the aerospace and defence industry sectors - quickly identifying your needs and providing technical documentation design and implementation solutions.

Laboratory IEC / ISO 17025 accreditation and Nadcap approvals; we also provide the necessary technical support for laboratory product testing, equipment calibration, legal metrology and inspection requirements - supporting compliance against your aerospace and defence customer contract obligations.

Supply chain integrity; we can audit your test and calibration supply chain, review your supplier scope and compliance certificate content for correct technical content. Supporting your legal and contract obligations for ensuring product safety through effective compliance.

Underpinning your continued compliance, we train your aerospace and defence quality system auditors, with consideration to both ILAC and IAQG guidelines. Providing practical advice and expertise to your organisation - together, we all ensure system and process compliance and supply chain integrity in support of product safety and reliability.

Internal Auditor Training - is supported by "our Podcasts".

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